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GIS Mapping

We offer three methods for viewing our Assessor Maps and Associated Data

  • Interactive Island County Parcel Web Map
  • PDF Maps: PDF maps available for each quarter section through a free software download from Adobe (Most computers have this installed already)
  • ArcGIS Explorer and GIS Files: Interactive mapping available through a free software download from ESRI
    This method is intended for the use of persons who have some experience with geographical mapping software such as ArcGIS or Google Earth because it requires downloading software and data to your computer and then uploading that data to the software.

Help Videos:

More methods for viewing Island County GIS Data:

  • NEW! Island County Mapping Center: Island County now has available more Interactive Web Applications, GIS Data Downloads, PDF Maps, and Help Videos.

Data Disclaimer:
Island County does not warrant, expressed or implied, the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of information in this system, and shall not be held liable for losses caused by using this information.

Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system, does so at his or her own risk. This information may not be used for commercial purposes.

Map Disclaimer:
These maps were created from available public records and existing map sources, and from different surveyors and their surveys. Map features from all sources have been adjusted to achieve a ‘best fit’ registration to the Ownership parcels. While great care was taken in this process, maps from different sources rarely agree as to the precise location of geographic features. The relative positioning of map features to one another results from combining different map sources without field ‘ground truthing’.